Samantha Weaver

Photo: Samantha

Me and my Work: I’m a Biomedical Scientist which means I do tests on samples from people and animals (blood, urine, poo, saliva, CSF, body parts!) to tell doctors/vets what is wrong with their patient and to help check the treatment is working.

Status: One of my wishes came true - today it stopped raining and the sun came out!

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Sam Chilka

Photo: Sam

Me and my Work: I’m like a “disease detective” – I use a microscope to hunt down cancer cells in patients’ tissue samples and find out what type of cancer it might be – and this helps patients get the right treatment for their illness.

Status: Looking forward to chatting to you all!

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Michael East

Photo: Mike

Me and my Work: I find out how people died – I’m having a bad day when my patient does wake up.

Status: Its shocking, Bob Diamond and I have something in common

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Jonathan Kay

Photo: Jonathan

Me and my Work: I work in a busy hospital laboratory receiving over 10,000 specimens a day, and which runs some big screening programmes.

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Angharad Davies

Photo: Anna

Me and my Work: I’m a medical microbiologist, and in our lab we grow bugs which can range from friendly bacteria to deadly superbugs, to diagnose patients with infections.

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